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Islamabad, Pakistan.

XeLogix can create beautiful parts that we call jewelry. We are a machine shop that operates with 3D production quality printers. We can 3D print plastics. We will be 3D printing anything we can for a price that is very reasonable. We can hand polish all our parts in the shop with a special system created just for 3D printed materials. We want our customers to be proud that they got their products 3D printed and we believe that we can create products you can be proud of. We are creating new quality check systems every day. XeLogix wants to lead the charge for small businesses everywhere to give them production ready parts for testing and consumer use.

Xelogix 3D Printing Service

Need Professional Help

XeLogix offers a design team that will be assigned to anyone with a need for creating a part. We will use a cad drawing, a paper drawing, or a list of requirements to create a useable part. We will stay in constant contact with you throughout the design process.