3A Torque 12kg.cm 57 Stepper Motor 1.8 Degrees Two-Phase Hybrid Four-line

  • Rated current (one-phase): 3A DC.
  • Stepping angle: 1.8°.
  • Environment Temperature: -20~50℃.
  • RH: 90%MAX
  • Mounting Position: Axis horizontal or vertical installation
  • Direct-current winding resistance (25℃): 1.6Ω±10%
  • Wnding inductance: 2.2mH±20%
  • Cogging torque:45mN.m REF.
  • Holding torque: ≥1.2N.m(I=3A)
  • Max. no-load starting frequency: ≥1100pps
  • Max. no-load running Frequency: ≥8000pps
  • Temperature rise: Step Angle Accuracy: 1.8°± 5%
  • Rotary inertia: 280g.cm2
  • Motor Weight: 0.7kg
  • Insulation resistance: Cold insulation resistance should be more than 100mΩ (between the Motor stator core and Terminal)
  • Dielectric strength: The space between the Motor stator core and Terminal should be able to withstand AC600V/1s without breaking down.
  • Leakage current is less than 1mA.


  1. Use:

This specification applies to the 23HD56005Y-30B hybrid stepper motor

  1. Type and specification:

2.1 electrical principle and appearance diagram: see outline

2.2 Drive mode: constant current chopper drive;

2.3 excitation mode: 2-phase excitation (2-phase four-beat operation), can be positive and negative rotation

2.4 steering: according to AB-BC-CD-DA order power, from the shaft to see CW

2.5 Rated current (single phase): 3 A DC

2.6 use voltage: 12v

2.7 step angle: 1.8 °

2.8 Insulation class: Class B insulation

  1. Parameters:

3.1 Working conditions: Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 50 ℃; Relative humidity: 90% MAX; Installation position: Horizontal or vertical installation of the shaft.

3.2 Test conditions (the above parameters in the normal test atmospheric conditions)

3.3 Winding DC resistance (25 ℃): 1.6Ω ± 10%

3.4 winding inductance: 2.2mH ± 20%

3.5 positioning torque: 45mN.m REF.

3.6 Holding torque (two-phase rated current): ≥1.2Nm (I = 3A)

3.7 Maximum no-load start frequency: ≥1100pps

3.8 Maximum no-load operating frequency: ≥ 8000pps

3.9 Temperature rise: <80K

3.10 Step angle accuracy: 1.8 ° ± 5%

3.11 Moment of inertia: 280g.cm2

3.12 Motor weight: 0.7Kg / PC REF.

3.13 Insulation resistance: The insulation resistance between the motor stator core and the terminal block should be greater than 100MΩ (measured with DC500V megger).

3.14 Dielectric strength: motor stator core and the terminal should be able to withstand AC600V / 1S without breakdown, leakage current is less than 1mA.

 Material, packaging, transportation, storage :

4.1 products comply with EU RoHS directive requirements

4.2 motor packaging must be solid and reliable, the box should be marked “carefully”, “moisture” and other signs, the corresponding pattern should be consistent with the provisions of GB191.

4.2..1 Outer packing: corrugated box

4.2.2 Inner Packing: Foam

4.3 mark: 23HD56002Y-22A (marked outside the box, and marked the number of boxes, manufacturers, etc.)

4.4 transport: box or box in the transport process should be careful to take light, to avoid collision and percussion, is strictly prohibited with the acid and other corrosive items together.

4.5 storage: the motor stored in the ambient air -5 ~ +40 ℃, relative humidity ≤ 90%, clean, well-ventilated warehouse, the air shall not contain corrosive gases.

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  • 5 Rated current (single phase): 3 A DC
  • 6 use voltage: 12v
  • 7 step angle: 1.8