3D-V6 HotEnd Full Kit – 1.75mm 0.2mm/0.3mm/0.4mm/0.5mm of nozzles 12V

  • Aluminium Material of Hotend
  • Easy to Assembly and stable
  • Excellent quality printing for Nozzle
  • High performance of cooling
  • Stable and reliable performance, to make J-head Hotend more durable.
  • Heat tube:12V 40W,length 1 meter
  • Thermistor:100K NTC B 3950 ±1% ,length 1 meter
  • Tube  feflon 1meter
    This 3D Printer J-head Hotend is applied for 1.75mm/3mm Filament
  • 3D Long-Distance Filament Bowden extruder