DC-DC step-down buck 5A constant voltage constant current module

  • Module name: 5A step-down constant voltage constant current  
  • Module nature:Non-isolated buck module (BUCK)
  • Input voltage:4.5-30V
  • The output voltage:0.8-30V continuously adjustable,(Default output 5V, for other voltage please note to the treasurer.)
  • 0.8-30V fixed output (please explain the required voltage to the treasurer)
  •                       The default shipping is adjustable output
  • Output constant current range:0.1-5A(Default output constant current of 3A)
  • Output Turnlight Range:0.1-5A(The default turn lamp current is 0.3A)
  • Current range due to part parameter differences will be a little error
  • Operating temperature:-40 ~ + 85 degrees
  • working frequency:300 kHz
  •    PWM control frequency range:100-300Hz
  • Conversion efficiency:Up to 95% (efficiency and input, output voltage, current, pressure related)
  • Short circuit protection:Yes (limit current is set constant current value)
  • Over temperature protection:There is (over-temperature automatically turn off the output)
  • Input Reverse Protection:No, (if necessary, please enter the string into the diode)
  •  The following are the same as the “Output anti-flood protection:No, (there is reserved anti-IR diode location, you need to add their own. The method see below)



1, DIY a power supply, with constant current function, not afraid of the use of the process will be short-circuit, you can protect the load.

2, for your electronic equipment power supply.

3, for a variety of battery charging, according to different voltage and capacity of the battery set the charging voltage and charging current, with charging instructions, easy to observe the state of charge.

4, with solar panels for a variety of battery charging, with constant current function, to prevent the battery overcharge, the effective protection of the battery.

5, drive high-power LED, free serial and parallel combination, with PWM control input, available single-chip control LED brightness (PWM control frequency range 100-300Hz).

6, as a car power supply for your mobile phone or a variety of digital products.

Set the voltage, current and turn the lamp method: (see above)

1, set the output voltage:According to the battery you want to charge the float voltage, or string, parallel to the LED voltage, adjust the constant voltage potentiometer (CV), the output voltage is set to the required voltage. (Without load)

2, set the turn light current instructions:Set the output voltage, the CC potentiometer counterclockwise 20 laps or so, with a multimeter 20A current file short-circuit output, adjust the CC potentiometer to the need you turn the lamp current, and then adjust the turn power potentiometer (LED), tune To just light green light.

3, set a constant current value:After adjusting the lamp current,The multimeter 20A current file is still short-circuited to output the CC potentiometer to the current value you need to set.


Note: constant current set when the voltage is higher than 0.8V, otherwise the constant current function will be invalid.

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