¦Shipping & Delivery

This Agreement was last modified on 1st January 2018.

Shipping Methods (Data to be updated soon)

  • TCS:
  • Leopard:
  • M&P

Shipping Charges

All Shipping Charges with duties and taxes for shipments are the responsibility of the customer. Xelogix is not responsible for any extra charges once the original package has been shipped.

Same-Day Shipping

XeLogix’s guarantees to ship your order the same day you place it IF and ONLY IF your order meets ALL the following criteria:

  1. Your order is placed before 2:00PM, UTC+5.
  2. You select same day shipping method.
  3. The day you place your order is a Business Day.
  4. All items are in-stock.
  5. Your order is paid in full at the time you place it.
  6. Your order is not an Exception.
  7. Your order value is less than Rs.50,000 before shipping costs.
  8. Your order does not require any modification before it is able to ship.
  9. Your order does not contain any lithium-ion or lithium-metal batteries.

If your order does meet all the listed requirements, we guarantee shipment of your package that day. If it doesn’t meet them all, we may still get it out the same day, but no promises.

If your order qualified but didn’t ship same day: We work hard to meet our guarantee, but sometimes, reality won’t allow it. If you feel your order falls under this category, please contact us!

Local Customers

If your shipping address is in Islamabad/Rawalpindi you can opt to pick up your order in person at our office. We do not charge for this service. Our address is:

i8 Markaz,Islamabad

Click here for a map.

You may pick up your order between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Friday, but please make sure it is ready. When your order progresses to the Ready For Pickup status, you will receive notification an email or a phone call letting you know it is, well, ready for pickup. If your order is in another status, give us a call to find out why.

Return to Sender Packages

Packages can be returned to us for many reasons. Depending on the reason for return, there may be additional charges applied to your order. Please read below for more information.

  • Packages can be returned to us for missing or incorrect address information. Please take a moment to check and make sure your address book is up to date. There is also an order review page where you can double check this information. If the carrier you select charges us to return the package, we will either a) deduct that from your refund if you want to cancel or b) if you choose to re-ship the package it will be added to the cost of the re-shipment fee.
  • Packages can be returned to us if they are refused at customs for any reason. Sometimes we choose to get these packages back. If there are any shipping charges to return your order, this will be deducted from the refund (if you want to cancel the order) or added to the re-shipment fee if you want to re-ship the order.
  • Please note that if your package is marked to be returned to XeLogix, it could take longer than expected to receive as these packages are not marked as a priority from the shipping company. Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks before we get them back!


For more detail please visit Terms & Condition Section No.3